Commercial Roof Coating






Roof Coating can be a great option when you want to extend the life of your roof at a lower cost than having to do a roof replacement. For this commercial roof coating we cleaned the roof, prepared it, painted all borders and around the air conditioner for  the application so that it would last up to 10/15 years more. It is also important to mention that maintenance is key for the roof longivity. Here is how the process was done:

  1. Cleaned the roof: We cleaned the roof thoroughly before applying the coating. We used a pressure washer to remove any debris, dust, or dirt.
  2. Inspected the roof: We checked the roof for any damage or defects. We repaired any leaks or damage before applying the coating.
  3. Allowed the roof to dry: After cleaning the roof, we allowed it to dry completely before applying the coating. The drying time depended on the weather conditions.
  4. Applied primer: We applied a primer to the roof surface as recommended by the coating manufacturer. The primer helped the coating adhere to the roof and improve its performance.
  5. Applied the coating: We used a roller  to apply the coating evenly to the roof. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct application thickness and drying time.
  6. Allowed the coating to dry: The coating needed to dry for several hours or days, depending on the type of coating and weather conditions. We avoided walking on the roof during this time.
  7. Applied a second coat (optional): Some coatings required a second coat. We waited until the first coat was completely dry before applying the second coat.
  8. Cleaned up: We cleaned up any tools or equipment used for the coating application. We disposed of any unused coating or packaging properly.
  9. Inspected the roof: Once the coating was dry, we inspected the roof to ensure that it was evenly coated and there were no areas that needed touch-ups.


This is how our team completed this commercial flat coating project! Check out when it is best to apply Coating to your roof.  Our team also has great experience with Aluminium Coating, Mod-bit and TPO you can see the projects we have completed under those roofing systems too. Partner up with Slog Group!

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