Aluminium Roof Coating over Mod-bit


Chicago, IL




For this Aluminium Roof Coating Installation we show you all parts of the process. Initially, we teared off the old  Mob-bit. Then, prepared the roof for the installation of the new mod-bit. Finally, we applied Aluminium Coating paint to all the flat roof area. Check out the detailed process we follow below:

Aluminium Roof Coating Process:

  1. Tear Off: We teared off all of the old mod-bit from roof area and made sure there were no debris, cleaned the whole surface for a proper installation of new roof system.
  2. Mod-bit Installation: We installed the new mod-bit roof system over all roof area and prepared it for the Aluminium Coating.
  3. Preparation: Basically, the first step is to prepare the roof for the coating. This involved the need to clean the roof surface, remove any loose debris, and ensure that the roof was dry.
  4. Primer application: The next step was to apply a primer to the roof surface. The primer helped to promote adhesion of the aluminum coating and enhances its durability.  We applied a primer to the roof surface with a roller in this case;
  5. Aluminum coating  application: We applied the aluminum coating in two coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. We applied the coating with roller too.
  6. Inspection: Roof surface inspection was donethrough out the area. Coating application should be even to consider it completed. It was even all over the area.
  7. Clean up: Finally, cleaned up any tools and equipment used in the installation process and disposeed of waste materials properly.

Additionally, our team of professional roofing contractors can help ensure  the installation of your Aluminium Roof Coating is done safely and effectively. Note that the exact process may vary depending on the specific roof and coating product being used. As well as any local regulations or building codes that apply. Overall, we recommend to consult with our team to receive a customized and accurate overview of the installation process for your roof.

Check out when it is the best to apply coating to your roof. NRCA explains it in detail here. Our team also has great experience with Mod-bit, EPDM and TPO you can see the projects we have completed under those roofing systems too. Partner up with Slog Group!

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